mobileMT mobile blogging system

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobileMT?

mobileMT is a PHP based system designed to interface with MovableType via XML-RPC. In addition to that, it's input and output is completely WAP 1.1 complaint, meaning that you can use this system using any mobile phone that supports it; or mobile device that supports WAP.

This provides a way to blog on the go, especially when inspiration hits and you just have to write it down somewhere.

What are the requirements of mobileMT?

Currently as of the alpha release mobileMT has the following requirements.

- WAP 1.1 compliant browser on a mobile device.
- PHP 4.3.x
- register_globals set to On in php.ini (should be on by default)
- MovableType installation which supports XML-RPC (mt-xmlrpc.cgi)

Can I post to blogger/livejournal/b2/etc.?

Currently you can only post to MovableType. However there are plans to make it compatible with other web publishing tools.

Thanks to...

The Six Apart team for a wonderful software in MovableType.
Marcelo L. L. Cabral for w.bloggar that inspired the creation of mobileMT.
Edd Dumbill of Useful Information Company for the XML-RPC PHP class module.

Do I have to pay for mobileMT?

mobileMT is licensed using the GNU Public License or GPL. So theoratically it is free. However if you would like to donate to support the development of this software, you are welcome.

Design Philosophy

To design a feature rich system that is extremely user friendly and easy to install much less use. This can be achieved through the following points.

- No brainer installation system.
- Support for important components internally (XML-RPC, etc.)
- User friendly interface design
- Code optimisation for data traffic as well as speed