June 20, 2004

I'm still alive post

For the many that think this project is dead... It is not.

I've been really really busy with real world commitments to be able to work on mobileMT for the timebeing. Really sorry about it... especially to those who have frequently checked back here for some frigging updates to the package. So sorry but no dice, the real world is bleaker than here.

I could tantalise you with details for the next release of mobileMT, but thats not really nice cause I don't even know when I'd have time to work on it.

mobileMT has started to be like movabletype. A new update and many months after, nothing from the developers.

Anyways, the next iteration will not be or something along that lines.

The next iteration will be mobileMT2.0.

Why 2.0? Cause firstly, I'm sick of the messed up code for 0.9.x. Yeah screw it. I think it gives people who want to modify the code a headache too. So yeah...

Thanks again to all those people who frequently visit this sad page of no updates.

Btw, MT3.0's pricing that has been renewed looks way better than before, but I still think that software should be free for all.

Don't you?

Mail me if you have ideas or a sister you'd like to introduce. I'm so sucked up in work.

Posted by Jeremy at June 20, 2004 11:12 PM