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June 20, 2004

I'm still alive post

For the many that think this project is dead... It is not.

I've been really really busy with real world commitments to be able to work on mobileMT for the timebeing. Really sorry about it... especially to those who have frequently checked back here for some frigging updates to the package. So sorry but no dice, the real world is bleaker than here.

I could tantalise you with details for the next release of mobileMT, but thats not really nice cause I don't even know when I'd have time to work on it.

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May 14, 2004


For those of you who have seen movabletype's site recently, you'd know that MT3.0 has been released.

But before the celebrations can begin, MT3.0 costs money. If you don't want to pay, you'd have to use a really restricted version of MT that doesn't allow lots of blogs and authors and what nots.

Not a very good thing, Six Apart.

No matter what, mobileMT will still support MT, MT3.0 for this matter. It will remain as an avenue to moblogging for MT2.x users.

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April 13, 2004


You know what? Screw 0.9.7b. I don't feel happy with the fact there is only ONE major change to boast about. So guys, kindly wait a little while more. I've some intention to allow devices to input more text than the current limit for textboxes (nokia handphones = 900 chars, etc).

Good things comes to those who wait.

And yeah, the previous post regarding photo moblogging still stands. I need people to help with it.

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April 04, 2004


Currently, I'm experimenting with adding MMS functionality to mobileMT to enable photo moblogging. The really unlucky part is that I do not own a MMS capable handphone.

Hence it would be nice if the people out there, who use mobileMT and own a MMS capable handphone, forward me a copy of an MMS to my email account to see how I can get this photo moblogging working.

In your forwarded MMS email, kindly attach a picture as well as type some words.

Thanks. :)

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April 03, 2004

0.9.7b test.

I've done some work on mobileMT and am glad to say that 0.9.7b will be released. Notable changes include the ability to assign multiple categories to a post as well as many bug fixs.

One thing though, I will not be releasing it immediately as I would like some people to test it out before it goes live. So drop me an email. I seldom say no to people who want to test my stuff.

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March 28, 2004

I'm still alive

This is just a short post to let the world know that I'm still alive and still am continuing work on the mobileMT project. Other commitments have demanded my full attention hence the lack in updates, but rest assured, work still goes on.

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March 21, 2004


Lately there has been an increase in comment based spamming to the mobileMT site. Henceforth, the comments system will be disabled until further notice. Queries can be directed to my email.

Please remove the -NOSPAM- to send emails.

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March 04, 2004


For some installations of MovableType, the extlib is not exactly filled with the correct stuff. Hence I've included a copy of my extlib directory on this site. Users should try this solution first before asking for help whenever possible.

Download extlib.tar.

Instructions for use:
1. Download extlib.tar.
2. Extract to computer with directory structure intact using Winzip or other compatabile decompression software.
3. Upload that whole directory to your movabletype directory in ASCII mode. (eg. /www/yoursite/cgi-bin/mt/)

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February 08, 2004


Uploaded a version of which has a slight change such that immediately after posting an entry and you want to edit it, the fields are all cleared properly. Just grab from CVS and patch.

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February 02, 2004

Rebuild Module

There is a bug present in the rebuild module where an error message occurs when users with only 1 blog try to rebuild via the rebuild module.

There is a fix for this up on CVS, so download and replace your File revision should be of 1.3. If here isn't one there, it probably means that CVS has not finished syncing with the developer's CVS repository.

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January 31, 2004


Came across a small bug with preferences module. It sometimes hops back to the login screen when you try to update the settings. This happens only on systems that do not allow cookies to hold session data. Patch your copy of either from CVS, or grab the 0.9.6b update.

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It has happened again -- another release.

This time 0.9.6b has less in cosmetic changes than it has to its underlying structure. Powered by the most updated copy of the XMLRPC module from PEAR, less parsing errors for XML-RPC replies should be expected. Also with it being from PEAR, there should be no conflicts with existing PHP functions.

» Download.
» Changelog.

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January 28, 2004

CVS update.

It stinks that sourceforge's CVS services has been down for quite a number of days. Anyways, heres an announcement regarding changes to the mobileMT system that have been uploaded to CVS. List follows,

+ made edit module be able to react better to variables that are passed to it. (postid only will edit that entry instead of requiring blogid as well).
+ added ability to edit the current entry immediately after posting it.
+ made sure all output is WML complaint
+ added workaround for servers which have the XML-RPC module installed (PHP compiled with the arg --with-xmlrpc).

Too few changes to make a major release. So download and grab,, and replace with those you have. Preferably done to a 0.9.5b installation. Cheerio.

Full informal changelog.
Where the stuff are.

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January 04, 2004


Alright. Released 0.9.5b. The fifth bugfix release. This one does quite a major change to the whole system because of the register_globals workaround.

This release also brings along with it fixes for PHP installations that simply love to add the session ID to the end of every URL. mobileMT also gets its own session name.

Check it out. It _should_ be bug free. If this one is perfect. Look out for 1.0.

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register globals is a bitch.

Laziness and ignorance can be a killer.

I never knew such a big problem lay with having register_globals in the PHP configuration set to off. Tonnes of problems with the whole of mobileMT.

Bugfix #5. Will be releasing 0.9.5b later. I need some sleep. This is too big a problem to just constrain to CVS updates. Looks like all the planned additions for the original 0.9.5b will have to wait. My life has grown hectic as well.

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December 23, 2003

MovableType 2.65

MovableType 2.65 has been released to address an issue with its XML-RPC server. As mobileMT uses the XML-RPC server for MovableType to blog, it is HIGHLY recommended that you patch your copy of MovableType.

In addition, MovableType 3.0 will be the next iteration of MT. And Ben's post hints at many features for people interested in moblogging. Looks like its gonna be the end for mobileMT.

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November 23, 2003

CVS bugfix

Apparently the session.use_trans_side problem is quite prevalent.

Anyways, this is a short post to tell you people who actually use mobileMT that a fix for that as well as the problem with Ericsson T610s that can't seem to pass login variables back to the script have been fixed.

However, this is only a CVS fix as I've more additions planned for the next minor release. So get onto the mobileMT CVS and download index.php and replace the one you currently have.

Thanks to all who bothered to email me about the bug fixes. Do continue sending them as I lets me know that people are using what I make.

Planned additions for 0.9.5b are...
:: Post more than 900 chars (nokia default).
:: Improved setup system.
:: Handle multiple categories.

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November 02, 2003

postfield bug

Apparently some wap browsers are really strict with WAP variables. Hence some phones like the Ericsson T610 and Opera's Wap browser are not able to provider adequate login information for mobileMT to use.

The next bugfix will fix this problem but meanwhile you can login to your installation of mobileMT using the following url.

Where user is your username and password is your password. Both are login details for your installation of movabletype.

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October 11, 2003


Next bugfix is out. Grab it and patch it. New users just experience it.

- Fixed prefs module bug.
- Edit with categories.
- Categories option will not be displayed if blog has no categories assigned.

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Preferences Module

There is a known bug with the preferences module for 0.9.3b. Will get the patch up tonight. Might do a little addition of features too. Stay tuned.

Edit: Added the fix for the pref module into CVS. Grab the file and replace it with your own copy to do a temporary fix. The correct file should appear within 24hrs as sourceforge is slow with its CVS updates.
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